How do we start our cooperation?

After the first meeting with the client, we conduct an initial analysis of the requirements and then propose a cost estimate and examples of possible solutions. In the second meeting, we will introduce you to the proposed solution. If you like the proposal, we will proceed with a detailed analysis of IT requirements and start developing your dream product, improve services, and add new components to your existing solutions. In the final stages of the IT project, we will focus together on testing. After fine-tuning the software solution to your satisfaction, we will deploy and launch the software product by the agreed deadline. Of course, all our solutions offer the possibility of using services – maintenance, support, and options for further development. We aim for long-term collaboration, and your ideas and suggestions for further development are not foreign to us.


Agility and Synergy

Customer & Rozinet Team

„We create projects together with our customers. Every project is a challenge for us.“


You will be regularly informed about the development progress.


We would appreciate feedback throughout the solution of individual stages of the software project.


Customer satisfaction is our main goal. In the case of any unexpected technical issues on the customer's side, we will make every effort to find a suitable solution that meets your approval.


We will discuss any requested changes during the project implementation compared to the original plan. We will carefully examine all possible impacts they may have, both positive and negative. We always strive to accommodate customers' requests, even if it means taking the project in a different direction.


It is a standard practice for us to incorporate security mechanisms into our solutions, ensuring a high-quality solution that aligns with the trends of modern development.


How does it work?

1. Initial meeting with the client.

During the first meeting with the client, we will discuss the intended software project. We will ask essential questions and mutually establish a basic understanding of the possibilities and limitations that arise from the project.

2. Initial requirements analysis

In this initial phase, based on our experience, we will analyze your vision and similar projects and document the requirements for the final product. We will consider suitable technical solutions that align with the goals of the IT project and create a project timeline.

3. Proposal of cost estimation and demonstration of possible solutions

We will conduct a cost estimation, define the boundaries of your project – technical, financial, and time constraints, as well as human resources. We will propose a solution that aligns with your vision and requirements.


4. Second meeting with the client and introduction to the proposed solution

We will present you with the results of the analysis of your idea, show you the possible solutions, and go through everything in detail. If you are satisfied with our proposal, we can proceed to draft a contract and then gradually start implementing your software.

5. Detailed analysis of IT requirements

After signing the contract, we will dive into the analysis of IT requirements. We will thoroughly examine not only everything related to the product itself but also the environment in which your solution will run and all the related dependencies, including your other applications that may be affected by or have an impact on our product. We will also consider the specific individuals who will be working with the final product.

6. Product development

During this phase of the project, we will take care of the development of the entire application. We will document everything meticulously and maintain regular communication with you to share interim results. This will enable us to fine-tune the product according to your vision. We highly value your feedback during the development process to ensure your utmost satisfaction with the final product. We also welcome any additional suggestions you may have.

7. Testing

Testing is an integral part of any software project development. Automated testing on both test data and production data is a standard practice. During this phase, your full cooperation is necessary to ensure maximum satisfaction. We will present you with individual functional modules for review and feedback.



8. Deployment and launch of the product

Once you are satisfied with the result, we will proceed with its deployment. An important and anticipated phase of the deployment and launch of the product includes the final familiarization of end users with the system’s functionalities. Depending on the agreed deployment method, the product may be launched on additional workstations, or we transition into the final phase.



9. Maintenance, support, and further development

From our experience, we understand that software deployment is not the end of the journey. Generally, additional ongoing activities are necessary to ensure your software runs smoothly and stays up-to-date. In this phase, we can offer you further options for expansion and enhancement. The terms and further development are always discussed with the customer at the beginning to ensure alignment and agreement.

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